Help Ukrainian
Victims Of War 


Residency Status.

Language Course.


Legal Advice.

Workshops: How to combat
and depression…

HUVOW Has been providing services and support for the 3rd Country Nationals from Ukraine and many other African students in Germany.


  • We have provided emergency shelter, and we are still doing so.
  • We support them with legal advice to normalise their stay and show them options
    and chances available
  • We provide training and webinars on integration, job search, writing a smashing resume, and how to deal with employers, contracts, etc.
  • We liase with Politictians and confront them with the challenges our target group are facing and work out solutions with them e.g. we managed to convince the SPD in Munich to extend their stay from Aug 22 to Feb 23.
  •  We provide mentoring and support for the African youths and youths with migration backgrounds.
  • AYEESSI has started a project of Digital inclusion with partners like SKY, CARE Deutschland, PHINEO, where we have given out more than 30 laptops now to African Students from Ukraine, now we have extended this project to Nigeria, where we give poor Schools Laptops, so the Pupils and Student can be Digitaly Included in this Digital age.
  • We provide psychological, mental training and support to help them fight the stress and challenges of FEAR.
  •  We execute sport activities with them, like football match, Table Tennis tournament,
    excursion etc.
  •  We give them physical cash in time of emergency and special needs that help them pay for language course, school fees, house rent, clothing, food etc.
    We do our best to make sure they do not lack and show them how to deal with the challenges of living in Germany by also providing them with Mentors through partnership with organisation like Volunteer Vision.