AYEESSI e.V. (https.//www.a.yeessi.org) is a registered association aimed at supporting young African people. Our focus includes facilitating the integration of African youths in Germany into the European culture, through pertinent educational programs, seminars, and trainings to broaden their perspectives and enable their faster integration into the German and European system.

Since the beginning of March 2022, we have been supporting over 250 African students who had to leave their adopted country in Ukraine when the Ukraine war began. Our effort in this regard is particulary of significance because the affected African youths, as nationals from Third-world countries, experience unequal treatment in Bavaria in terms of financial, legal and material support available to them compared to Europeans.

We also focus on the empowerment of youths with the scope of activities covering SDGs 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10,13,16,17. Against this background, we recently started a project called ‘Digital Inclusion of Poor and Impoverished Students’. In addition, we strive to help with providing hospital equipments and educational facilities in Africa, etc.

(For this target group we need laptops and or mobile phones. These laptops/computers and/or mobile phones are wiped by our expert volunteer teams and we will ensure proper proper operating system reset and wiping, including any local files or data that may have been saved. No matter how many laptops and/or mobile phones you provide us with, we will be happy for your support and donations, we have the capacity to issue any donor a donation receipt.)


Our Vision To be an encompassing body for
over one million African youths.